Another first step

I just wanted to write out a lot of thoughts here that have been swirling around in my head for a few months now. The first thing I should acknowledge is this moment. Sitting here back in front of Unity after this many years is not where I had envisioned myself being at for the past few years. There was a lot of soul searching, and honestly coming into all of this I promised myself I wouldn't get super invested like I would in the past in a really unhealthy way. Those disastrous mindsets of productivity, deadlines and self doubt.

So much of my time lately has been consumed by studying all things mental health related, it is unrelenting and tiring. When you spend that much time, that close to distressing topics it becomes all consuming, and I think I lost myself in there. Or at least realised that I never truly knew myself. Perhaps just tinkering around with some dev work is just my way of centring myself, an exercise that becomes more important the older I get. Old habits falling to the side, taking on new aspects of life with new learning.

There's so much I want to say, but I promised no more of that after turning away most social media.

I'm just pleased with myself, I think it's important to acknowledge the wins, I worked hard to make this prototype, and it's given me something to focus on whole heartedly, even it it remains unfinished, I think everything I have learned from the process has been great and if I can get something on Steam, whether it's the prototype itself, or something a bit more tuned up, I'll be happy. Then I can implement some of the new things each time. It's a very exciting time, and if you're reading this, thanks, I really appreciate your presence, please look forward to what is to come.


Mikrosm - Prototype Play in browser
Dec 28, 2022

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