This is a arena survival game where your options for defence are dodging and hitting the balls away with a stick.


WASD - movement
Hold left shift for anti clockwise rotation

Hold space bar for clockwise rotation

Mouse clicks to interact with UI

Game Dev stuff:
Stickball is the first 'full' game that I've created since relearning how to make games under the guidance of Create a Code, the Unity learning pathways. I'm in the middle of researching about marketing and many other topics. Let's just call it the marker for when I started taking this more seriously and move on.

I'm aware of a multitude of optimisations that can be done to make it run smoother, but I've opted to let it be and move onto something different. I understand the limitations, do bare with, games where I opt to spend more time on user experience should be much better.

Essentially this game was spawned with a lot of hand holding and given assets, so yes I 'made' it, but it is really more of a technical demo rather than a full game.

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